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Monday, 19 March 2007
The obligatory weekend review

We got a night in a hotel this weekend! Rob's mom offered to stay at the house with the kids and pay for us to sleep somewhere else. It was so great. We left the house around 6:30 or so and wandered around Barnes and Noble for far too long. Went back by the house, because I had forgotten my pump (to replace the bottles she was going to use) grabbed some root beer floats and laid around on the beds in the hotel quietly reading our new books. It was heavenly quiet. I called home a couple times and annoyed Darra, but otherwise, it was wonderful. We came home around 9 am the next day. So, around 15 hours. And it felt like 2 days. So restful. Thank you Darra.

In other news, we went to the St Patricks Day parade this weekend and  got frozen a little. Last Tuesday it was 76 degrees. Saturday? 35. yuck. So we left early and went out to eat. Then back home for (late) naps. Since the naps were late, bedtime was late, but we weren't there for it, yippee!

Sunday, Darra wanted to take the kids to the Build-a-bear in the mall (which is actually a Fluff-n-stuff, but really, what's the difference?) So we loaded everyone up for that. The kids both picked out kitties (Rob held Anya around the animals, and we got the one she reached for most often) they got a bouple outfits. Ally picked out a backpack and a hard hat. They had fun, and Ally even made me put pj's (stolen from a bear she had from a couple years ago) on hers last night, and get it dressed this morning. She was bummed that we don't have any shoes for it (minor oversight). She even took it to day care today.

Anya is basically walking around everywhere. She only crawls to get things that are really close. Otherwise she stands and walks. I tried some of Ally's old shoes on her and they don't fit. When Ally started walking, she wore a size 4. last summer, she wore a size 6.5 She had a growth spurt in her feet over winter and now wears 8.5. Anya wears a 5 already! Um, that is, she would if she would actaully wear them. We don't put them on her since she's still pretty wobbly. But she'll need them to go outside at day care if they go.

Good news: Anya has learned to blow her nose. Bad news: Anya thinks that it's best done by rubbing her nose vigorously on your clothes. She'll walk over to you if her nose is running for the specific purpose of wiping snot all over. Consider this a warning if you come over.

We got Ally some pre-reader books this weekend. My god they're expensive. Shouldn't they be priced based on word-count or something? $6 for 4 little books with 10 or 15 words in them repeated over and over. I'm seriously going to start going to our library. (Granted, they are good learning books, but sheesh!) Oh, and anyone who is looking at beginning the whole phonics/reading thing might want to check out http://www.starfall.com It looks useful.

That's it. That's the weekend news around here. What you got?

Posted by ktjrdn at 13:15 CDT
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Monday, 19 March 2007 - 15:36 CDT

Name: "jill"

teach ally to read before she goes to school. the god-awful curriculum they have now has them "diagramming words" before they learn how to spell. most of the adults i know wouldnt be able to diagram a word, let alone a kindergartener. you have been warned!!!! Also something about "creative spelling"--seriously, it's called ebonics, and that never worked out well for anyone but rappers and people who play gangsters on tv.

Monday, 19 March 2007 - 15:39 CDT

Name: "jill"
Home Page: http://lil-mousehouse.blogspot.com/

also--I'm very jealous you got to go to barnes and noble. i have been using the library here, but i found out that when i "know things" i'm extremely annoyed that others don't--must read fiction from now on..

Tuesday, 20 March 2007 - 14:32 CDT

Name: "Uncle Rog"

  Judging from what I've heard of Ally's vocabulary and syntax, I don't think you'll need to worry much about her ability to learn to read. 

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