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Thursday, 22 March 2007
conversations from a car # 720,482

Ally: I see big storm clouds. The clouds are round and pointy like a TORNADO! (there are no clouds to be seen)
Me: I don't see a storm honey. It's ok
Ally: If a tornado comes it will pick me up and I will be scared
Me: What should you do if there's a tornado, Ally?
Ally: We should go in the hall.
Rob to me: They must have had a tornado drill today at day care
Ally: We should put our hands in our laps and lay down. But if I'm outside, I will be scared and I will RunAway!
Rob: I don't think you have to worry about it Ally
Ally: And the tornado will smash our house!
Me: our house will be safe. if we're home and there's a tornado, we'll all go in the bathroom, because it's safest there.
Rob: If there's a tornado at day care, you'll have to listen to your teachers.
Ally: And I will have to RunAway!
Me: You don't have to run away Ally. It's not safe outside when there's a tornado. The house will be safe.
Ally: because it's not made of wood? If it's made of wood it will get smushed! It's not made of wood. It's ok

I confirmed it. They're learning about tornados and tornado drills in day care this week. We had the same sort of conversations about smoke and fire when the firetruck came to day care. She's cute.

Posted by ktjrdn at 10:30 CDT
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