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Tuesday, 24 April 2007
busy busy busy - Little Bits Part 1

The more I stay away from here, the harder it is to get back into writing. Things pile up and I don't know where to start. I'm still working no a project at work. I'm actually in the testing phase, so I get to use my brain to figure things out, and so far, it's not really working well. Kinda dusty from neglect, I'm sure. I'm getting there though. So anyway, since I'm working, I don't have time to kill all day anymore. My blog is suffering. To make up for it, I'm going to post lots of little bits throughout the week and catch up little by little (mostly because I'll only have time to write little bits).  

Lots has been going on, but the most exciting thing for me? I'm finally getting to wear a real non-nursing bra today! Woo-hoo!. I'm so sick of those things. Anya is only nusing a little at night and some in the morning now. Mostly, she's switched over to cow's milk (no comments from the peanut gallery on that one. I mean you - Uncle Rick!) We'll have her switched over entirely soon, and I don't think it'll be long after until she ditches the bottle. She seems like she'll have an easier time than Ally did.

Ok, ok. I'm sure that wasn't the kind of info you wanted to hear about. back to the kids...

Friday night, it was gorgeous weather. I was heading to my mom's house for a stamping party, and needed to get some stuff cleaned up in preparatino for the next day's birthday party, so I sent both kids with Rob on a walk. Darra was coming up to stay that evening. i got a bunch of stuff cleaned up and was getting ready to leave when Rob headed back. Darra and Rob got to the house about the same time, and I left. They were preparing to go to the little pond for Ally's first fishing trip. And I missed it. Boo-hoo. oh well. Darra took a couple pictures with her camera phoen that I'll put up later. I keep forgetting to bring in my camer a to download pictures of this weekend and post them to Flickr. grr. It's because I'm not carrying my pump bag anymore. i used to use that bag for all my stuff, but now I have to remember to gather it up. Not happening. Oh wait... I got back on that subject again somehow. I'm so glad to be done wiht that. anyway...

Saturday, was just wonderful. The kids played outside most of the morning. Darra and I cleaned the house up a little. Thanks Darra! Rob got home from his re-certification for BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support - do you know how many brain cells are wasted with all those stupid little acronyms? (Warning - tangent coming) The other day when we were sorting through the garage sale clothes, I told Rob to just pile them by sizes, and I would match outfits together, because I remember what shirts have matching pants, etc. He looked at me like I was insane and said "If that's true, that's just sad. Do you realize how many brain cells you're using to store that useless information? No wonder you can't remember anything." Um, yeah. it's true. I dressed those kids in the clothes everyday for 6 months and did all their laundry. I remember. </end tangent>) really early. Much earlier than we thought he would, so he even had toime to clean the bathroom. I went to Walmart for the cake and some other party stuff without the kids. (Oh so good. I love Wal-mart cakes) When i got back, I saw Bill (Darra's husband) out at the park with Ally wakling around, so I drove over to say hi. Ally wanted a ride back. I think she saw the cake in the front seat and decided that she wanted to stick with the cake. Takes after me she does.

We were originally worried about the weather for the party. It's been so cold, we had considered having it somewhere else where we could be inside (I have a small house). No worries. It was a breezy 75 degrees. Kids got all lathered up with sunblock and had a blast outside. Anya wouldn't cooperate with an early nap. we threw her in the swing and she had a relazing time until the party started. She started out a little cranky, but settled down when people started getting there to play with.


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Tuesday, 24 April 2007 - 09:57 CDT

Name: "Uncle Rick"

OK My answer to that is "NO COMMENT" LOL

Tuesday, 24 April 2007 - 11:03 CDT

Name: "jill"

I imagine I will waste a lot of brain cells also when i have kids figuring out which stuff goes with which. Speaking of which, that may be in the planning stages sooner rather than later. dont tell anyone i know, just an idea running around since matt is finally graduating from college. he wants to be a dad before he/we are 30 and i turn 28 this year... sigh!

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