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Friday, 9 July 2004

Well, Last night was the first night that I slept all night since Mother's day. Ally has had 3 colds, and, therefore, 3 ear infections. And she's teething, but not getting any teeth. But, other than nighttime, we're having a great time together. She's getting around very quickly and pulling up on anything that will stand still (and some things that won't). She starting saying dadadada for a few days, but then quit when she got distracted by trying to learn how to clap and wave. She holds her left hand real still and smacks her right one against it. We think it's just hilarious, so she smacks her right hand against (again) anything that is near her, including me. She's 20 pounds now, and I think she's getting taller too. She loves it when we take walks at night, which we've been trying to do, since we're all getting fat.

We've taken her into the pool twice. The first time she'd splash until she got water all over her face, then try to lick it all off. The second time, she was more interested in trynig to gum the squirt toys to death and pull her hat off. I'm still doing monthly pictures, and posted the newest ones. She wasn't in a great mood. It wasn't too bad, but she just wanted to be held instead of sat down all alone.

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