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Thursday, 10 March 2005

So Ally's teeth are still working their way in. The top right one is about halfway and the left has just barely broken through. she loves to hold cereal between them and crunch them.

At her 15 month checkup a couple weeks ago, she couldn't get her shots because she had an ear infection (again). She's had enough of them now that we had to go see an ear, nose, and throat doc. So, we called up Rob's and went to see her yesterday. She says that it's likely that when her ear infections clear up, her ears aren't clearing all the fluid. This means that she may be hearing a little muffled and may be why she doesn't say much yet. I guess we're going to get tubes put in for her. Rob's pretty hesitant because of all the trouble he had with his. They say it makes a huge difference in most kids. God, I hope so. It's about a 15 minute outpatient surgery. They say there are no water restrictions with this age group (It's not like they are going to be diving under water anyway). So I can't see it doing anything but good for her. Plus, it will stop her from having to constantly take antibiotics.

Ally is getting really good at going down the stairs. We tried for a long time to teach her to turn around and go backwards, but she always thought that we were trying to get her to go up instead and threw a fit. So what she does is sits down about a foot from the first step and scoots her way to the stairs. She drops her feet to the first step and scoots off the step basically unto her feet. Then she pulls them out from under her and drops them to the next step. She thinks she's big stuff. She loves going downstairs now. She drags us to the stairs all the time. She doesn't trust Rob anymore though. He's told her "Go ahead, I'm right behind you" and not followed through, too many times. She now makes sure he goes first. She pushes him forward in front of her before she'll start scooting.

She had a blast this weekend went it was so nice Sunday. We went out to our playground at our subdivision. The slide is surrounded by little gravel that she had a good time with. Well, we (mainly I) decided that she needed a bucket, so off we went to Toys 'R Us. We got a couple shovels and buckets, and found a cute little wheelbarrow. Got to checkout and found out it was only $0.05!! But that was a long time later... We got sucked in by the ride-on toys. Long story short - we also brought home a power - trike for her to ride. The battery had to charge 18 hours and it got cold again, so she hasn't gotten to use it yet, though. I hope she likes it.

One thing I know she'll like is the sand box we also got for her. They have a sandbox at day care that she had a great time with last week. We didn't get the sand yet, because we knew it was going to get cold again. She loves playing outside. She'd wander around the neighborhood all the time if we let her. I can't wait until garage sale season again!

Well, that's it for now...later

Posted by ktjrdn at 00:01 CST
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