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Tuesday, 18 October 2005
toddler bed
Firday night, I set up a toddler bed for Ally. Our plan is this:
1. replace the crib with toddler bed. bed is in exact same spot crib used to be.
2. In a couple months, tell Ally how big a girl she is and let her start sleeping in her toy room instead. Put toddler bed in same spot extra twin bed is. Move twin bed into Ally's old room (Darra sleeps on that bed when she visits, so Ally's room will become grandma's room)
3. Let baby sleep in bassinette for a month or so after she is born. Darra stays to help out after the baby is born, so she will still have a place to stay. Maximize the amount of time the crib is unseen to be forgotten.
4. Set new baby up in Ally's old room. Hopefully, enough time will have passed so as not to bother Ally.

I know plans never turn out as expected, but at least we've got one this time. Hope it works.

Anyway, Ally is doing pretty good in her big-girl bed. Since Friday, I have only had to go in and help her back into bed once. That was last night. I heard her whining and went in to check on her. She was still asleep, but had her feet on the ground and belly on the bed. I put her back in bed and she got comfy. I didn't hear from her again until she woke up.

She doesn't seem to understand that she's not confined to bed yet. For this I am very grateful. She doesn't get up without me ever. She lays in bed whining until I go in to let her up in the morning. I could do without the whining, but am glad she doesn't wander the house yet. That will come soon enough, I'm sure.

Posted by ktjrdn at 07:37 CDT
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