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Thursday, 19 January 2006
stage two has begun
Stage 2 of the Great Toddler Bamboozle has begun. Sunday afternoon we moved her bed to the toy room. it seems to be going pretty well so far, but I expect that to come to a crashing halt soon. It always does.

Haha, I just re-read that post I linked to above. "Ally stays in her bed." Heeheehaha. While she was getting her canines in (She has 2 coming in and they're not all the way in, but they seem to not bother her as much as they did before) I couldn't keep her in bed. We went through about 2 or 3 weeks of constant wakings and screaming at night. For some reason, she wanted to sleep with me. She's never wanted that before. I have no idea why it stopped (now that I'm writing about it though, I'm fucked, cause it'll start up again) unless it's her teeth that have stopped hurting so much but things have gone back to normal. Which means I only have to wake up for 1 or 2 times in the night, and tell her to lay down and put her mobile on and she does. She's awake about 30 seconds, but I have to try to go back to sleep after that...

Darra is coming up tonight though, and her bed is kinda hidden under a mound of crap. I either have to clean it up tonight, or she has to sleep on the couch. Oops

Posted by ktjrdn at 09:26 CST
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