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Thursday, 29 June 2006
Stage 3 of The Great Toddler Bamboozle
We haven't yet begun stage 3 of The Great Toddler Bamboozle. Anya is 2 months old and still sleeping in our room in her bassinet. The warning label on it says 3 months or 15 pounds. We'r e probably approaching both. We really need to go buy a mattress for the crib. What a pain in the butt. Although I have to admit, it is getting to be a tight fit in the bassinet.

Tha good news is that our plan actually seems to have worked so far. Ally has been sleeping in her own room for quite some time. I think she pretty comfortable in there. The bad news is it's not likely to last. I can't believe that a plan we made around our 2 year old is actually proceeding without deviation. it's all going to fall apart when we set up the crib - I bet. Cross your fingers for us.

Oh, and also... We found Ally's mobile at Walmart for $5 and it's great. It was so cheap because the box was torn to pieces. I have never seen the same mobile for sale anywhere, but I love it. I tried to find another for Anya, and was having no luck. Then, I found another one at Walmart for $10 on clearance. I have never seen this particular model anywhere else or any other time. How can they put them on clearance when they never had them at regular price? I'm confused. But, of course, happy, 'cause I bought it, and now I have matching mobiles for the kids' beds. (at least until Ally finally quits using hers)Yippee!

Posted by ktjrdn at 09:39 CDT
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