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Saturday, 23 September 2006
More foods we can add to the "Ally actually deigned to try me" list

It has taken a lot of work, but Ally is trying more foods.

mac & cheese - she actually ate this twice at home and tried some at day care

cheeseburgers - she will eat them without the bun (about 3 bites at least)

soup - she tried a couple sips in order to get crackers. We're hopeful about the future, cause she seemed to not hate it.

chicken patties - again without the bun

corn - last night, she finally relented and tried some corn Rob cut of the ear for her. She dipped it in butter, but hey, I'm counting it aas a success.

spaghetti - The day care assures me she tried a couple bites. I haven't been able to duplicate it though

rotini pasta - I got her to eat 1 noodle the other day with spaghetti sauce on it. This is the sole reason I am not sure the day care was lying to me about the spaghetti.

I hope this list gets longer. Yay for progress!

Posted by ktjrdn at 12:18 CDT
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