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Tuesday, 17 October 2006
There might be cake

There is this comedian, Greg Behrendt,  I saw on Comedy Central. Part of his routine is a bit about how much he likes cake. He says you can get him to go anywhere if you say 4 little words - There MIGHT be cake. It doesn't even have to be a sure thing. Just the possibility of cake.  Yeah. That's me. I love cake.

We had a early retirement thing go on at work one year, and people were retiring left and right. I was in heaven. They kept having parties with cake everywhere. I would ask around until I found someone that I knew who knew the person that was retiring and then I'd go with him/her to the retiree's party to get some cake. Shameless. Then people got tired of all the cake and switched to cookies. Cookies are my second favorite. Someone I know is retiring next week. I hope he has cake.

The best kind of cake is the classic. White cake with buttercreme icing. I don't know what is up with the whole whipped icing thing! It's not cake without real icing. (Although I will still eat it. ummm... cake) Walmart (evil bastards) makes good cakes. I bought one to bring with me the day I returned to work after maternity leave. I had them decorate it with the words "Because Katie likes cake". I hadn't had cake in 2 months because I hadn't been at work. You can't just eat cake at home all the time. Your kids will want some too, and you can't allow that. It's not good for them.

We have a sign-in sheet at work now. I've worked in this area for 2 years, and we never had to sign in and out. I forget all the time. My boss comes by and reminds me when I forget. The other day he said "Maybe I should leave some cake by the sign-in sheet. Then you won't forget" He knows me too well. (Maybe I can keep "forgetting" and he'll try it. Oohh. That's a good idea)

I went to a wedding shower the other week. I can't remember the last wedding shower I went to. I know baby showers always have cake, so I was hoping wedding showers would too. I was disappointed. But it was a brunch with lots of good food and the wedding was the next week, so I got over it and just stuffed myself on the other food. The next week, we went to the wedding. The cake was made by a donut place. It even tasted a little like donuts. My husband doesn't think so. But we agreed that it kinda tasted like Dunkin Sticks (which he doesn't believe qualify as donuts and I'm willing to take his word on it, because he really likes donuts) My step-MIL was having trouble getting hold of the people to make the cake when she was planning the wedding, so she asked us for the number of the lady that made our wedding cake. (ummm... our wedding cake... the best part of getting married... *wipes drool from the keyboard*) I got all excited, but it wasn't to be.

Our wedding cake was the best cake I've ever tasted. We picked out a pretty design which make oodles more cake than we actually needed, but was really pretty, so we didn't care. Then we tasted it. I was so glad we got extra. We cut it up and froze it in ziplocs. If you took it out of the freezer when you started cooking supper, it was nice and soft for dessert. We had cake for a long time after the wedding. I even had the same lady make Rob a cake for his A.S. graduation party. 

To sum up: I went to a wedding where I thought I was going to get cake from the lady that made my wedding cake. Different cake was had. Was good, but not the same. Someone is retiring. I may get cake.

Also, weirdgirl went to a baby shower last week and talked about the food there. Got me thinking about cake.  Last Friday was my anti-versary. Bad things happen to Rob and I on Friday October 13th. I know that we've broken up on at least 2 Fri the 13th's (although not October). Got me thinking about being married - thus, cake. The universe is conspiring to make me hungry.  In honor of all the cake talk and our anti-versary, I thought I'd post some pictures of my wedding. beautiful cake, no?

Posted by ktjrdn at 09:11 CDT
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Tuesday, 17 October 2006 - 19:24 CDT

Name: "erin"
Home Page: http://the-looney-bin.blogspot.com

mmmm.... cake.  Almost as good as ice cream.  

But do NOT mix ice cream and cake and make ice cream cake.  ICK!  That stuff is nasty!  (I don't mean cake with ice cream on top, I mean the gross cake from Carvel with the weird icing).  

Now you have me craving cake.  Thanks!  

Going to go have ice cream now.   

Wednesday, 18 October 2006 - 06:41 CDT

Name: "Jenny"
Home Page: http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/

Mmmmm...cake.  My fave is cheesecake.  That counts, right?


PS.  Love your wedding cake!

Wednesday, 18 October 2006 - 15:09 CDT

Name: "sunShine"
Home Page: http://gapeaches.blogspot.com

I too love cake. Any occassion should have a nice FRESH cake. I went to a wedding over the weekend and got a piece of both of the cakes and was horribly disappointed. I think the caterer used frozen cakes. They were the worse cakes I had ever tasted.

 My little ones birthday is next month and we are having the best cake maker in the world make his cake, I don't even care how she decorates it as long as it is big and there will be plenty left over!

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