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Friday, 20 October 2006

a couple days ago...

Ally: a b c d e f g h i g k elminino p q
Me: Ally it's "l m n o"
Ally: Oh. is O a word too?
Me: Yes.
Ally: Oh, it's a letter and a word?
Me: Yes.
Ally: oh.   a b c d e f g h i g k elminino p q r s t ....

Wednesday afternoon in the car...

Me: Ally don't take your shoes off
Ally: But I need to
Me: wait til we get home
Ally: I HAVE to take them off.
Me: Why?
Ally: Did you say why?
Me: Yes.
Ally: Is Y a letter and a word?
Me: Yes
Ally: Oh.
Me: Ally why did you take your shoes off?
Ally: Hey, there's abc's on my socks! (That's what she calls all writing. The shoes had no skid words on the bottom)


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