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Monday, 30 October 2006

I feel like a zombie. A hungry zombie. This weekend involved way too little sleep and many quick, one-handed suppers. You know that (not quite) ear infection from a couple weeks ago? The one where she was taking antibiotics and just got off them on Wednesday right before her 6-month checkup where the doctor said her ears were fine? Eh, he's wrong now. Saturday we had to go back to the dr for more antibiotic. This sucks. why couldn't my kids have inherited my ears? boo (and not in the happy halloween way)

Anya wouldn't let go of me for 5 minutes most of the weekend. The few times that she actually did let go though, she decided to learn to crawl. Yes, she's crawling now. See? She also spent the time pulling up on Ally's little fold-out couch and standing up. Um... and yelling. That part wasn't near as much fun.

Anyway, I'm hungry and sleepy, which poses a question? Should I eat lunch or take a nap? Tough decisions.

Posted by ktjrdn at 13:01 CST
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