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Friday, 17 November 2006
More conversations from the car

We were headed out of town to grandma's house. Anya was trying to get loose of her buckles by pushing against them with her chest with all her might. She lets out a yell...

Ally (gleefully): Anya if you say aaunhh again you will be in tr-uhh-ble! (giggle)
Anya: looks at Ally
Ally: Mommy if she says aaunhh again, she will have to be in trouble.
Anya: aaunhh!
Ally: You're in trouble. Mommy Anya said aaunhh again, so she's in trouble now.
Me: Yep. She'll have to be in trouble when we get to Grandma's house.
Ally: No, she's in trouble now. She has to sit on the couch.
Me: But, there's no couch in the car.
Ally: No, no, no, no, no. I was talking at Grandma's house! (Idiot)


Posted by ktjrdn at 10:55 CST
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