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Tuesday, 12 December 2006
Proof television rots your brain

If the clouds... if the clouds... clouds come down on the road we will have to watch out. We might run into them if we don't... if we don't... if we don't be careful... We should... if the clouds are in the road... we should go over them!... If the clouds are in the road, we should not run into them. We should... we should... we should fly our car over them...
Honey, our car can't fly.
Maybe we need a Mouse-ka-tool to help us fly over them... Maybe if we go... I see birds...Maybe if a bird... Maybe if a big bird comes up...Maybe if a big bird ... Maybe if a big bird came on it and it would let us fly... on it's back...  How do we...We need a boat... and some... and some... and some boat pawwles... and some... and some life jackets...to help us be safe from crocodiles.... Then we have to go to Crocodile lake...We have to go to crocodile lake to find the chocolate boat... we need a chocolate boat to get across aligator... chocolate lake. We have to go a chocolate lake aligator... a brown chocolate aligator lake! 

For those of you without children - that's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora the Explorer.

Posted by ktjrdn at 10:34 CST
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