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Tuesday, 6 February 2007
I hate Mondays

Every Monday I feel compelled to write about the weekend. But, the weekend was either boring or we did 5 thousand things, so I never want to write on Monday. Then Tuesday comes around and I feel like I haven't kept the blog up-to date, and I (1) give in and write a boring post anyway, or (b) pretend the weekend never happened or (iii) go hide until Wednesday or Thursday or whenever I have something non-weekend related to share or whenever stuff piles up so much that I spill in all out in a horrible mish-mash of unrelated ideas. (FYI, I'm not sure where this post is going to fall on that scale but if past history tells me anything, the last one is the most likely)

Anyway, we did absolutely nothing this weekend. I didn't ever leave the house. I didn't even shower until 1:00 Sunday. Rob went to (the evil) Walmart once. We watched the Bears lose the Super Bowl. I'm not a football fan, and Sunday was probably the most football I've watched in the past 10 years combined. (tangent: I loved the Blockbuster mouse commercial. So funny)

Anya has claimed the remotes as her own. It wouldn't be so bad if she'd settle for one, but we give her one and she immediatley starts looking for the one we have stashed somewhere so that we can still operate the tv. She won't be satisfied with a decoy. So, um, if you come over to the house and want to watch tv, you should (a) watch out for destructo-baby and (2) bring a paper towel or seomthing to wipe the slobber off the remote first.

We have a stacking toy. It's kind of simpler than the stacking-rings-classic-baby-toy-that-everyone-on-earth-had-when-they-were-a-baby. The peices are different shapes with a indentation where the other shapes fit into them. Anya can. not. stand. to have it stacked for a single instant. IT MUST BE DESTROYED! Plus, she, for some reason, has taken it upon herself to single-handedly end the transportation monopoly that exists in our living room, by dismantling the train tracks themselves. (Well, not excatly single-handedly, She usually grabs and tosses with both hands while leaning her giganto-belly against the table for balance.) While I'm all for ending a monopoly, I've been trying to convince her that she needs to have alternative transportation available as well (And that she's gone a bit too far trying to eat the trains). By biting the heads of the Little People pilots in the airplane, she is not exactly encouraging the airlines to take over. What does she expect to happen? The shipping industry to take over? Uh, Anya, we're in the middle of central Illinois. Not so much water here, you know? (Although we do have one of these too) I guess it's a good thing we've got a couple of buses. (Oh, I just went looking for those links, and found some of the "exclusives" set that I just have to have think Ally needs. The Chirstmas, Birthday and Halloween ones are pretty neat. And how many trains sets can you possibly need. I think there are about 10 different kind on there)

Ally has a dance "observation night" tonight. I may actually be able to go in with my camera tonight. I usually don't want to disturb the calss, but tonight, it's only natural right? She's so cute in her little leotard trying to tap dance. So cute.

That's all I've got. I'm done.

Posted by ktjrdn at 14:54 CST
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Tuesday, 6 February 2007 - 15:17 CST

Name: "jill"

" eek eek eek eek"   I LOVE the BB mouse commercial too! evil students are all online though so i can't get it to play on my computer. sigh!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007 - 07:36 CST

Name: "Jenny"
Home Page: http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/

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