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Tuesday, 4 April 2006
Conversations from the car
We talk a lot on the way home from day care. I try to ask her about her day. She sometimes tells me things that I wouldn't know otherwise and sometimes we talk about things I know she did. Yesterday, our conversation went something like this

A: Where are my guys? I don't see them?
M: I don't know honey, where are they?
A: At school.
A: Singing songs
A: by the door.
M: Yep, that's where they were when we left.
A: What's that Aden doing?
M: I don't know. What was he doing?
A: He hurt me.
M: He did? What did he do to you?
A: He hurt me.
M: Did he say he was sorry?
A: Yeah. He hurt my feelings
M: Did he push you?
A: nope
M: did he pull your hair?
A: nope.
A: Sammy did.
M: Sammy pulled your hair?
A: Yeah
M: Did he say he was sorry?
A: Yeah.
M: It's not nice to pull hair is it?
A: My guys hurt me.
M: They did?
A: 2 of them.
A: Sammy and Aden.
M: What did Aden do?
A: He threw a ball at me.
A: He said "Watch out"
M: Oh yeah? (giggling)
A: He hurt my feelings.
A: My 2 guys hurt my feelings.
M: well, that's probably going to happen again. You'll have to get used to it
A: Yeah
(I wonder how much of what she told me is true. She has a pretty vivid imagination sometimes)

A: How's a gonna find my Daddy?
M: He's home. We're going to go home right now and see him.
A: How many daddy's does Ally have?
M: Just 1 Daddy.
A: I have 6 grandmas.
M: yes. that's a lot
A: Yeah, and 6 grandpas too.
M: How many baby sisters do you have?
M: that's right.
(She's gonig to be confused when the baby leaves my belly and comes into the world)

Posted by ktjrdn at 11:11 CDT
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