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Monday, 31 July 2006
An open letter to the pediatrician's office

To whichever asshat reads this:

We've had issues before. I call - You put me on hold - I wait. Btw, if you're going to put me on hold for 10 minutes, perhaps it would make sense to have a snippet of music that is a little longer than 26 seconds. I can't even make an appointment without talking to a nurse, yet you insist on a non-nuse answering the phone. This, I have learned to deal with. I'm not happy with it by any means, but dealing.

My daughter has had umpteen million ear infections. Enough in fact, that I have my very own otoscope. I know the signs. I know what they look like. I have a refillable prescription for ear drops. So when I call you up and tell you that her tube is possibly missing from her left ear, that she has had a consistant fever, that she complains that her ear hurts, that a nurse looked at her ear and says it's inflamed, that I have been in twice in the past month because she has had a nasty cold/bronchitis, I kinda expect you to do something about it. She's out of town, so I can't bring her in. I need an antibiotic most likely, but I understand you might not want to do that over the phone. So, what I'm asking for, at the very least, is a referrel to the ENT. I'd be happy with a referral AND a prescription, but I understand.

What I refuse to deal with is your refusal to actually do anything with the information that my child is sick once I do get someone on the phone. So when you just tell me to go the the ER, it kinda pisses me off. You want me to spend $200 and an hour of our day to get a prescription that you're too much of an asshat to prescribe yourself without seeing us? You dismiss the last 2 years of ear infection-inspired experience we've had as worthless and refuse to prescribe based on the obvious symptoms. There is no reason for us to come into your office, excepting that you want to collect your stupid insurance payment and my $15. I need to see the ENT about replacing the tube. You have nothing to do with it further than the referral.

I was pissed off this weekend when you refused to give me a referral. Instead you told me that we could address that on Monday. You are very lucky that you didn't give me the runaround today when I called with my ENT appointment details and gave the referral (finally). However, next time I see you in person, I will have a few things to say.


Posted by ktjrdn at 15:30 CDT
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