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Wednesday, 17 January 2007
hooray for random thoughts!

What exactly should I make of the fact that Ally has been without panties when I wake her up in the morning a couple of times lately?


Last night:

  • Ally ate 3 bites each of a soft taco and a hard one. Also an entire mini-taco. I'm loving this trying foods thing!
  • Ally went right into dance with no clinging.
  • She even tried to do the steps with the tap shoes.
  • Anya had a very short screaming session at home, and then went back to playing with Rob
  • Anya decided that since we were gone for an hour, she needed to push her bedtime back an hour.
  • It was a happy hour
  • She woke once at 1:05 for 15 minutes with 2 very brief crying periods. She woke again at 4:30 to eat. She was up for the day at 5:30 and was a very happy baby. (2 nights does not a pattern make. But, you know I'm hoping this is a pattern...)
  • Until she pooped, and then she started whining and chasing me and trying to climb up my leg so I would change her diaper.


Ally has a stuffed My Little Pony (But it's her little pony. I can't call it a My little pony). She has recently started calling it Rarity. That's the name of the rainbow Princess on a DVD we have. I think it's terribly cute. So I also bought her a computer game with Rarity on it. I'm a sucker. I haven't given it to her yet. I think she plays too much computer.


I also bought her a Care Bear game. Yeah, we're broke. This is why.


Did I tell you Rob got his hours switched? yeah, I think I did.


Ally and Anya are both switching rooms at day care in a couple weeks. I'm not real thrilled. I love our day care. Love it. Except this one little thing. They are money-hungry. Infants cost more. Plus, they have a large waiting list. So they move the kids to older rooms as soon as they can. Ally will be still with most of her friends, but will have to switch rooms and teachers. I like her new teacher (who has been a teacher before in one of her previous rooms), but that's not the point. She's been there for 3 years, and been in 5 different rooms. I think that's over the top. Switching teachers every 6 months? Not thrilled.

Also, Anya is moving from room 2 to oroom 4. She's skipping a whole room. 2 kids in her current romo who are older than her are going to 3. They can't crawl yet. Anya will be the youngest. Some of the kids in that room are already a year old. I love room 4. It was the only room Ally was in for a year, and I love the teahcers. but will Anya be ok in the older room? The thing I'm worried most about is all this switching. If they switch again in August (which they will, because that's when the school age kids get kicked out and new ones come in) it's likely that she will stay while some of the older kids get moved up. This happens to another little girl at day care. She's in the first wave moved into a room, but she's still there when some of the other kids move out. I don't want Anya's future firends to shift that much. maybe I'm just invneting things to worry about, but again. I'm not thrilled. But I love this day care and think it is the best option available. bleh.


I sent off a card to a kid from Make a Child Smile. I let Ally make one. I think it's a neat idea. You should do it too.


It's lunchtime. I won't bore you with what I'm having. You're Welcome.


Posted by ktjrdn at 12:01 CST
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Wednesday, 17 January 2007 - 16:26 CST

Name: "erin"
Home Page: http://the-looney-bin.blogspot.com

What does Ally have to say about why she's without underpants in the morning?  :)  

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