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Thursday, 25 January 2007
not the sharpest crayon in the box

Not that she's not bright, but Ally is the most un-observant person I have ever known. It took her at least 15 minutes to notice her computer we got her for Christmas. She just walked around the room ignoring it. When we finally pointed it out to her, she said "Oh, that's my computer" Nice try kid, but we aren't fooled. She had no idea it was there.

Tuesday night, we went to dance. Anya wasn't in a real great mood, but we left her with Rob anyway. he called after about 10 minutes and asked me to come get her. She was screaming and he couldn't get her to stop. So I left Maggie's mom in charge of Anya and went to get her. We returned to dance and sat in the studio and watched Ally dance for the rest of the hour. We interacted with Ally many times and she never questioned Anya's being there. On the way home, she's just blabbering away when all of a sudden she stops and says "Hey, did Anya go to dance with us?" uh, no.

We have a little half wall by our stairs. A year or 2 ago, Ally had a blanket strung across it to the couch so she could have a little fort of her own. We took it down because she'd get back there and color the wall. There are still crayon marks there because I'm lazy. For at least 6 months, Ally's desk has faced that wall. So the other night, she was coloring at her desk. She yelled "Hey, someone colored on my wall!" (Rob and I both agreed that someone shouldn't have done that, and told her she was the someone who did it a long time ago. She didn't believe us. Not Ally! Ally wouldn't do something like that. She knows she shouldn't. So we asked who she thought did it. her answer? Grandma.) At least 6 months she's been staring at it. Over a year, it's been there! I hope she learns to look around more as she grows up.

Posted by ktjrdn at 14:50 CST
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Thursday, 25 January 2007 - 15:37 CST

Name: "Jill"

umm, your hubby can't handle 10 minutes of your baby crying? that must be awful tough to deal with.  Do you EVER get a break? I'm asking as your friend, not being judgemental. seriously a grown man can't deal with his own child for 10 minutes? Didnt he learn anything at all in his psych classes or at least dealing with you? us girls is all pretty much the same animal, ya know? (deliberate bad grammar)..

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