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Wednesday, 4 April 2007
I'm back

Ok, so I wasn't gone long. I didn't have much work to do actually. I had to write some documentation for some work I had done previously (oh and I forgot to write a program for a class I'm taking that was due last week. oops. So I had to get that done too) So now I won't have anything to do for another month or so, probably. i hat emy job

So I never got around to telling you how the weekend went. I did post pictures, so those of yuo who checked out Flickr know we had an Easter egg hunt. That was Saturday. Our subdivision has one every year. Ally had a good time. She's been looking forward to this since I told her about it. She asks me constantly "Is it Easter time yet?" So of course she had a good time. She picked up lots of eggs. She had a great time. She even decided on her own that she had found enuogh eggs and quit. Which was cool because we still have halloween candy left. We sure don't need a bunch more.

I figured Anya would right away pick up a couple eggs and wander aroud banging them together. I was wrong. Rob had to restrain her because she wanted to start before it was time to go.  He helped her and she actually put them in her basket and looked for more. Unilt her basket got more in it than ewre on the ground around it. Then she started pulling them out. But she had a great time wandering around. They reuse the eggs every year, but we kept 2, because she just didn't want to part with them. 

For those who checked out yoUTube, you know that we had Ally's first dance recital this weekend. it was a very informal one (Thank God) at a retirement center in town. She was on her best behavior. i think that was because a couple of her friends didn't show up. She's always more calm without them there. I think familiarity breeds exctement. Anyway, i was proud. She did good.

Sunday we went over to Rob's dad's house to visit. She got to play outside with her cousins for a long time. A good time was had. So that was the weekend. Not too exciting, but fun

In case you were wondering, Jill was right. The other day, we had both forgotten our anniversary. Duh.

In completely unrelated news, our microwave died this week. I'm so sad. I've had this microwave since my dad gave it to me about 7 years ago. It was huge. I liked it. Our new one is an interloper. The start button isn't where it should be and you have to push "cook time" in order to punch in a specific time or else it uses the express cook thingy-ma-bob. Grr. plus the clock is bright green, but kinda small, so from across the room, it just looks like a green blob. (Um, yeah, it also cost $100 bucks, because of course, we couldn't just get a small cheap one, oh no!) I miss my microwave.

Also, I'm going to blogher. I'm going to get to meet some of the people that I read everyday. I am not sure of the plans yet, but I'm getting ecited. I don't ever get to do fun things like that myself. yay. If you're going, we totally have to get together! Let me know


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Posted by ktjrdn at 14:34 CDT
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Thursday, 5 April 2007 - 07:51 CDT

Name: "Amy W"
Home Page: http://ashleyandaudrey.blogspot.com

I will join you on the hating the job front.  I am bored out of my mind on most days....

I checked out the scrapbooking pages, I will have to go check out the egg hunt pictures...

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