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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
baby? toddler?

My baby is really a toddler now. She's toddling everywhere. She almost ran last night. she's falling down less often, an djust generaly growing up too fast. It makes me a little sad, but not that much. I'm much more of a toddler persno than an infant one. shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I think infants are kind of boring. They're high maintanance. Of course, they're also cute and cuddly, but really, how far can that get you? But, oh, when they grow into their personalities... what could be better? Oh yeah, when they learn to say "I'd rather eat some of your meatloaf than what you gave me please" rather than screaming their ever-loving head off. That's another good milestone. When can we get to that one?

ps. I updated flickr and youTube, so go check them out. Now that she doesn't fall down as often, I've been able to get Anya walking on ... film? How exactly do you change that one to fit the digital age? maybe just "on camera."

Posted by ktjrdn at 13:01 CDT
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