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Thursday, 15 March 2007
oh yeah, the day care thing...

Just to let you all know, the day care situation still sucks. They're still bastards, but we're dealing with it. Rob talked to his boss at the hospital and set up a tentative schedule for working. They have a shift open pretty often from 5pm to 1 am on Monday nights. He's going to try to do that every couple weeks and just work enough hours to not get kicked out. It has a plus side, in that we get paid for it and are currently beyond broke, but it means that he's tired as hell the next day. It also means that he's being forced to work, and that just chafes, you know? Screw them. But, it's a really good place for the kids to grow up, and it won't kill us, so we're going to keep up at it for a while and see what happens. We're still considering putting Anya somewhere else this summer before she gets too attatched, so we don't have to keep doing this for the next 5 years until she gets to kindergarden (only til Ally goes) but haven't made any decisions. Yet. Until then, I've decided to not be bitter about it (much) and just go on with life. Besides, they're renovating the playgrounds (they have 4, I think) and it looks like it's going to be awesome outside! The kids will love it this summer.

Posted by ktjrdn at 15:26 CDT
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