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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Last night after work, it was about 70 degrees. beautiful (but a little windy). Rob took both kids outside and they puttered about. he got a bunch of leaves raked up and put in bags for the up-coming free-yard waste pickup. Ally helped. Anya wandered around randomly yelling at the wind and finding things to chew on. (I went out once and said "Rob, do you realize that anya's eating rocks?" He said yea, but she was just playing with them, she wasn't putting them in her mouth. yeah, right. So we had to take her away form the rocks (big over-sized ones, so it wasn't likely she would actually swallow them, but still) which kinda pissed her off) We let her out in the yard with just socks on, because she's still kinda wobbly and not really ready for shoes yet. Her socks were filthy! they all looked so cute outside togther. Anya and Ally were just following Rob around.

I was inside getting things done. I made Chicken Cordon Bleu (sp) for the first time last night, and it wasn't half bad. I also folded all the laundry that was piled up and put it away. Putting it away was quite a chore, since it was all the next size clothes for Anya and summer stuff. So I had to pull some of the heavier winter stuff out for storage and leave some, because the weather isn't hot yet, and find room for the new clothes. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff that's getting tighter on her and just generally straightene dout the closet and dresser. this is one chore that Rob just doesn't appreciate. he thinks I'm playing. I would LOVE to not have to do htis every season. It's really a pain in the ass. I love getting her new clothes, but I hate the organization and trial and error of what fits and what doesn't yet and all that.  So anyway, that's done for now.

I felt a little bad that I wasn't out there with them having fun, but i told myself that they need time with the Daddy too. It was nice to be able to get some chores done.

It's supposed to be rainy for a while, but in the 70s. if it's not too bad, I'll take Ally out in the rain. She loves it, and has been sad all winter because it's too cold to go out while it's raining.

Posted by ktjrdn at 10:02 CDT
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