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Monday, 26 March 2007
The world I'd like to wake up in

I'd wake up on my own. Fully rested. Able to give my attention to the kids in their waking hours rather than spreading myself thin over the nighttime ones.

I would have money. Not just to be rich. I don't especially care about that. But not to have to worry about whether we can give the kids the quality of life we'd like to.

In my imaginary world, the day would have more hours. Or possibly there would be less demand on the current ones.  Either way, I wouldn't have to constantly run around like crazy. I could let Ally take 5 years to eat supper if she chooses. I could let her "tie" her own shoes without taking over and making her scream because we're going to be late for... something. 9yes, if I let her, she eventually gives up and asks for help, but it takes a while) I could play with Anya enough that she wouldn't get jealous and cranky when I play with her sister and I could do the same for Ally.

Anya would have learned to talk and sleep - oh, about 6 months ago. I really hate the not verbal part of raising the kids. Interpreting (and listening to) the screaming is enough to drive me insane.

Ally would eat.

Rob would listen better and be less critical. And pick up the camera once in a while (so I could be in some pictures with the kids too)

Our house would be much bigger. And located somewhere other than Illinois (I hate Illinois!). I lived in Portsmouth, VA for a while which was a craphole, but there are many nicer places in that latitude that I'd be happy with. near the ocean, so the weather isn't too bad.

Mosquitos would be extinct. Tigers woud not be in danger of it.

My sister wouldn't be a crackhead.

Mostly, I would wish away our worries, so we could enjoy our time together rather than always having an agenda. I would be more patient with the kids. They would be safe and secure at home knowing their parents were there and always loved them. - Basically what I strive for every day.

This musing brought to you by this weeks Fun monday topic suggested by Tristan.

Posted by ktjrdn at 08:54 CDT
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Monday, 26 March 2007 - 10:55 CDT

Name: "beccy"
Home Page: http://beccy-peppermint-tea.blogspot.com/

Many of your wishes I wouls also wish for, more hours in the day, more time to spend with the children, no worries...wouldn't life be sweet.

Monday, 26 March 2007 - 17:22 CDT

Name: "mjd"
Home Page: http://http//returnofthewhiterobin.blogspot.com

I think that you have zeroed in on the secret to a perfect day...more time.

Monday, 26 March 2007 - 21:02 CDT

Name: "Pamela"
Home Page: http://pamelathedust@yahoo.com

I have to stick up for those mosquitoes.  They feed alot of birds.

 finding time for the things we enjoy sure seems to be something we all yearn for.


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